Why Eat Fish on Good Friday?

Why Eat Fish on Good Friday?

This used to puzzle me a remarkable deal as my early life became spent absorbing the catholic traditions. My training befell in one in every of its schools wherein every day became hard due to the idols and icons that disturbed my spirit. My reincarnation and link to the awesome spirit of the universe is proof that there may be no heaven or hell and those pics are designed to show in any other case. They may be window dressing for a device primarily based on fable.

When the age become reached that become proven to me among lives the spirit commissioned me to ‘tear down the wall of churches and convey again the young.’ it supplied the equipment to do it and a huge studying curve unearthed the roots in babylon, the house of the amors and the mom god, mary. holy family good friday mass

Good friday

The name is from ‘ma-r-y’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and it turned into proven to me in a vision of a group on a hill who located the growing solar’s rays penetrate a small hole in a rock. The picture fashioned when they dispersed is that of the outstanding shifting jewelry of electricity and crucial to it’s far the right-angled go. From this image guys stylised a lady with whom they believed they might marry via death at the pass and rising with the sun into heaven.

This is no unique to those who blow themselves up inside the perception that they will benefit on the spot get admission to to paradise in which they may stay all the time in bliss. The town turned into the begin of islam, and that call manner ‘eye of light-god mother’.

One of the snap shots from the town is that of dagon. It is an anthropomorphic figure of half-man half-fish who bears the pass on his head in vicinity of a halo. It indicates that he has died on the cross and risen to heaven. The ‘fish’ became the image for christianity as did the cross.

The amors constructed roma (reverse amor) and they introduced their islamic faith into the west and it have become disguised whilst constantine mounted the catholic church based on its concepts. He reinstated the mom god in it as mom of god and placed up the image of jesus christ, modelled on the crucified dagon. This is why christians devour fish on the day of crucifixion as it is intended to be intake of the spirit of the god-guy.

Constantine pressured the new faith over the population with the chance of dying and torture played a massive a part of their conversion. The horror of the inquisition and the usage of such things as the rack utilized in extra modern-day instances as well as water-boarding and different method presentations the cruelty of the church as it endured within the same way as the emperor directed.

The hats worn with the aid of bishops and pope are designed on the fish head and are equal to those worn in babylon. The use of the fish in the new testament to become aware of the apostles is applicable to the myths taken from the islamic faith.