Rates Starting Around 5.59%

Rates Starting Around 5.59%

For those who need to borrow, now could be the best time to get a loan as rates have started improving in the New Year as providers battle for your custom. In addition to the 25 per cent deposit, there is the Dubai Land Department, real estate agent and bank fees to consider which amount to an additional 7 per cent of the purchase price (although some of these can be financed by being added to the mortgage, or to a separate personal loan).

Post Dated Cheque personal loans abbreviated as Leopardmoney UAE PDC loans are available to employees in the United Arab Emirates in all Emirates and they come with unique characteristics meant to solve the financial strains met by employees in the UAE as they go on with their lives and careers thus most also name them easy loans in Dubai.

Some banks issuing PDC loans or non-salary transfer loans in Dubai/UAE or personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer do not check credit bureau/ Etihad bureau but check both with the central bank of UAE (for blacklisting) and with em-credit (for police cases, legal cases etc.). Checking or not checking is purely at the discretion of UAE banks, guided by the central bank’s rules and regulations.

With the advent of the credit bureau, em credit and central bank of UAE checks in Dubai today , it has made it next to impossible for expatriates in Dubai/UAE to get personal loan top-ups if their DBR/DSR is at or around 50%.Taking a look of the list of banks in UAE , one discovers that less than 10% of these Dubai banks offer loans without checking the credit history known popularly by the term loans no credit check.

Islamic loan is now offer loans to non listed companies as well.without salary transfer and on minimum profit for life credit is also we can offer and many more features in this credit card which are first time available in market.e.g.( shop and dont pay bills).simple documentation required.