7 tricks to keep your skin from drying up during winter

7 tricks to keep your skin from drying up during winter

It is that time of the year when you can smell the cold, enjoy the puddings and wear bulky clothes that can hide winter weight gain. Yes, the winter season!! Although the winter season brings along with it the magical experience- the lights and the flakes, one should not forget that winter and skin do not get along together well. The never-ending battle with dry skin goes on and forms an integral part of the winter season. One needs to know the smart and long-lasting moves to grapple with the itching, cracked hands, uncomfortable extra rosy cheeks and dryness of the skin of the face, hands and feet that winter brings with it.

But do not worry, we are here to help you win this battle and not fall in the conspiracy of the winter season this time to suck moisture out of your skin. Follow the below stated seven tricks to keep your skin from drying up this winter and instead embrace the chilly winds it brings along. All the required products can be bought at discounted price using DealVoucherz.com


  1.    Moisturize, moisturise and more moisturise!!!

With the change in weather conditions what else should change is your skincare routine. What works well for the skin in summers and spring might not work in winters. One needs to have a protective layer of the skin that can help retain the moisture. This can be done best by oil and hence upgrade your cosmetic kit with an oil-based moisturiser. But do not forget to choose the oil which suits your skin type, safest to go with unclogging oils like almond and mineral oil and say goodbye to your dry skin.


  1.    Drink a lot of water and eat oil!!

Winters tend to snatch away the moisture from our body and there comes the need to keep ourselves hydrated. Hence one should drink plenty of water not only for skin but overall healthy living. Also, oils are a good moisturising agent. Eating healthy oils like almond, mineral, avocado can help rejuvenate the skin and bring back the lost smoothness.


  1.    Shower in super-hot water – Just Avoid!!

Undoubtedly it feels great to take a bath in saunas and hot water in the chilling cold, but one should remember that the intense heat of super-hot water makes the skin deprived of its moisture.  Also, reduce the shower time which can help combat the dryness of skin. Add a few drops of essential oils like olive oil or coconut oil to the moderate temperature, warm water and take a shorter period bath to avoid dryness.


  1.    Special attention to hands

Winters can be harsh to the skin, but the skin on hands need more attention due to the presence of lesser oil glands. The special hand should be given to hands, i.e. take extra care of your hands and avoid exposing them to cold, dry air by wearing gloves. Take care not to wear wet gloves. Also, use sandalwood, rose essential oil, coconut oil to exfoliate, moisturise and nourish the skin of hands and give them a soft look they deserve.


  1.    Make Vaseline your best friend

No more dry lips, feet, elbows or knees – this wonder jelly can do wonders and help you get rid of dryness and keep them supple with its rich moisturising and nourishing properties. Its thickness makes it a beautiful windshield. Do not forget to carry one in your bag all time this winter and heal your dry skin.


  1.    Fraternize with the Humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture to the air leading to increased humidity which can provide relief to you and your family members in bitter cold winter. It can help soothe problems caused due to dry indoor air like cracked lips. Humidifiers occupy space but are a necessity and hence should be installed at several places in the house to provide an escape from troubling winter.


  1.    Easy Winter habits

Here are some healthy winter habits for all the lazy people out there who wish to enjoy the winter season:

  •    Use mild face wash instead of harsh soap
  •    Eat healthy food rich in fibres including fruits and vegetables
  •    Apply a lot of moisturisers
  •    Cover your body while going out
  •    Do not use beauty products which contain a lot of alcohol
  •    Sunscreen is not only for summers, use it in winters too


We can now say that gone are the days when winter and skin could not be best friends.

So, gear yourself up to enjoy this winter season without having to worry about the irritating and problematic dry skin. Challenge the dry, chilled air and feel the cold breeze. Open your arms and embrace the chilly and cold weather and everything this winter brings with it and just enjoy!!